Take a creative approach to learning music that will challenge you. Master more than just your instrument. Learn to improve the way you approach the learning process itself. Get past physical and mental roadblocks in order to learn more quickly and strategically. This is what I want to help you do. Join me.

I teach the violin, music production, and I help musicians develop their artistic voice and talents.

I specialize in healthy physical techniques and mental strategy. How do you learn the skills that will serve you best? How do you learn them quickly? And how to you move past the study of the skill and start producing/creating what you want?

I help violinists learn body awareness and control. I emphasize fundamentals and I work every day to simplify the complex set of motions required to master the instrument. I encourage the use of these basic skills to master difficult repertoire.

I come back over and over again to:

  • Fundamental movements
  • Smaller and smaller iterations of those movements
  • Breathing techniques to reinforce those movements
  • Challenges to prove to yourself that you can do those movements under difficult circumstances

I help music production students master the recording process, from writing to arranging to mixing music. I generally work in Ableton Live. But the fundamentals of music creation are the same in any software.

I help musicians take a hard look at what they are doing and help them see it with clarity. I help them push through what’s stopping them from creating their next record, learning their next skill, or playing their next show.

I have a privately run studio, teaching online from my home in North Austin. I am a performing, recording, and teaching violinist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Violin Performance With An Emphasis On Music Composition and Technology. I am a songwriter, composer, pianist, and singer as well with a background in: acro yoga, bodywork, a handstand study, and a curiosity in speed learning, body awareness, mental agility, flow, and expression. This allows me to take a more holistic view of playing music. My experience giving me the perspective that music can be used as a tool to develop the mind and body through awareness and strategy, not just chance.

My understanding of music has affected the way I perceive the world, and the way I move through it. I enjoy sharing that with my students.

The violin is an instrument that is incredibly simple conceptually and, when played, provides an infinite opportunity for variation. The process of learning involves stripping that infinite variety into a set of simple ideas that are learned, ingrained, and, eventually, the variety is reintroduced and creative ability begins to show itself in a usable form. Using the violin as a fun and rewarding method of self expression, and a tool for sharpening the mind and the body provides a powerful combination that, when approached with regular practice, can provide a depth of benefit far beyond possessing a new skill.

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