Online Violin Lessons

For those interested in learning online. It’s an easy process. Sign up below, and I can walk you through everything needed to get setup.

Or you can call or text me at 727-348-1691


You get to stay home. If you’re a parent, that’s one less commute you have to make. If you’re a kid, that’s more time for better activities than sitting in a car.


Results in a more focused experience for the student, as they’re used to doing homework on a computer at home. This is familiar territory.


We use video chat, and there is always a text chatbox available for me to jot down assignments, write out information for clarity, and send links to new music.

Self Driven

Encourages students to learn and think for themselves, because it’s very obvious that I’m only here as a guide. I can’t play violin for you. But, if we work together, I can help you win.

“Josh knows how to work with just about anyone. His expertise is apparent but he makes it easy for students of all ages and experience levels to understand. Highly recommend!” – Carryl Hoang

“Josh is an amazing musician and wonderful teacher. His patience and ingenuity makes it easy to grasp difficult concepts, and it’s hard not to have a good time while learning with him.” – Lucinda Chapter

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