This is my guiding principle behind the book:


In order to learn, you must connect every fact you know to every other fact you know, and then apply every fact you know. In order to do that, you must be interested.


In other words…


In order to learn, you must connect everything within you mind to everything you want inside your mind. And apply everything that goes through that process to the outside world. In order to do that, you must be interested.


In other words…


Learn stuff, learn how it relates to other stuff, and then use it. If you want to do that, be curious.


This is an ideal that I believe is worth striving towards. In order to make it happen we must know the following: The optimal learning state for a curious beginner is ever changing experiences presenting themselves in gradually more challenging ways that are achievable.


This book is intended to help make that possible.


I wrote it based on the idea that mastery requires, at the beginning, a highly developed understanding of a small number of ideas that allows you to connect new ideas and skills to the previous ones. And doing that, at the beginning, is as often as boring as boring can get. It requires repeating small tasks over and over until you master them.


The antidote is to combine the idea of mastering a small idea or skill with constant change. The change makes things interesting for a beginner, and the small number of ideas makes it achievable. So this is a book that gives an intentionally small amount of information in ever growing and changing ways. My hope is that it will make it possible for more students to stay engaged during the learning process, enjoy the learning process, and through seeing their own skills develop, extrapolate the idea that playing music is, in fact, possible, and worth the effort. And if they choose, they could be great.


The last chapter of the book is devoted to a breakdown of why I put what information where, so if you like that kind of thing, go take a look.


If you just want to be a wizard, study the book.

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